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Amazon daily quiz | amazon today quiz answers of December month .

Amazon daily quiz and answers | Amazon today answer of December month .Amazon quiz today I amazon quiz answers. Amazon Daily quiz – ...

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Amazon daily quiz answers of 8 to 12 December .

Amazon daily quiz and answers | Amazon today answer of December month 

amazon daily quiz
Amazon Daily quiz – .
Today’s Amazon Quiz Time
  • Today’s Quiz – Win ₹20000 Pay 
  • Today’s Prize – Win ₹20000 Pay 
  • Time – 8 AM Quiz Date – 12th December 2019
  • Number Of Winners – 1
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 31st January 2019
How To Play Amazon Quiz 
  • Step 1 : For more details download amazon app from googal plat store . click hear
  • Step 2 : Just open amazon and login your account 
  • step 3 : scroll down and oepn amazon quiz from amazon banner .
  • step 4 : Click on start button of amazon quiz 
  • step 5 : Open this and play quiz answer 5 Quiz ans submit . 
  • step 6 : after month last date result show and cck your name . 

Amazon Quiz Answers – Win LG W30 Pro Phone | 12th December 2019

Question 1 :- Who is the only Bollywood actor to feature among the ten highest paid actors in the world, as revealed by Forbes in August 2019?
Ans-  Akshay Kumar
Question 2 :- The word smog means a blend of smoke and ____?
Ans- FOG
Question 3 :- Who became Test cricket’s youngest captain in 2019 at the age of 20 years, 350 days?
Ans-  Rashid Khan
Question 4 :- Aamir Khan’s ‘Laal Singh Chadhha’ is going to be the official remake of which Oscar winning film?
Anns-  Forrest Gump
Question 5 :- Daniel Zhang in 2019 became the CEO of which international conglomerate company?
Ans-  Alibaba

Amazon Quiz Answers – Win LG W30 Pro Phone | 11th December 2019

Question 1 :- The Yucca Brevifolia grows from Southern California to Utah in USA. What is the common name of this tree, familiar to music fans? (Hint : U2’s upcoming concert in Mumbai and one of their albums is named after this tree)
Ans-  Joshua Tree
Question 2 :- Whose record did Virat Kohli break for most Test victories as captain outside India in August 2019?
Ans-  Saurav Ganguli
Question 3 :- Aarey forest is located in which city of India?
Ans-   Mumbai
Question 4 :- What animal is ‘Bing Dwen Dwen’, the official mascot for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?
Anns-   Giant Panda
Question 5 :- His real name is Óscar Gutiérrez. He is a WWE super-star who always wears a mask. His famous finishing move is the 619 (Fun fact: He named it 619 based on the area code of his hometown in California). He celebrates his birthday today. Who are we talking about?
Ans-  Rey Mysterio

Amazon Daily quiz – Win Canon M200 Mirrorless Camera  | 10th December 2019

Question 1 :- The upcoming Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 3 stars the daughter of which of these Bollywood directors?
Ans-  Mahesh Manjrekar
Question 2 :- Oprah Winfrey has globophobia and didn’t enjoy one of her birthday parties because of this. What is globophobia the fear of?
Ans- Baloons
Question 3 :- In which country did the Indian cricket team register their first ever Test series win in early 2019?
Ans-  Australia
Question 4 :- Shawn Carter born on December 4th is hip-hop’s first billionaire as per Forbes. By what name is he better known in the music industry and around the world?
Anns-  Jay Z
Question 5 :- Which country has announced plans of moving its capital from its richest island Java to an unnamed city in Borneo?
Ans-  Indonesia

Amazon daily quiz and answers – Win ₹15000 Pay Balance  | 9th December 2019

Q1) As per a recent Amazon original web series, what is the name of the wedding planning agency run by Karan Mehra and Tara Khanna?
Ans-  Made In Heaven
Q2) Which of these is a nationwide initiative to immunize children and pregnant women against eight vaccine-preventable diseases?
Ans- Indradhanush
Q3) Abiy Ahmed, the recipient of the 2019 Nobel Prize for Peace is the Prime Minister of which country?
Ans- Ethiopia
Q4) If a blacksmith works with iron, what does a redsmith work with?
Anns- Copper
Q5) Motifs of which of these appear on the new 50 rupee notes issued by RBI?
Ans- Stone Chariot of Hampi

Amazon Quiz contest – Win Poco F1  | 8th December 2019

Question 1 – Anjali Chand who recently took the best T20I bowling figures (6 wickets for 0 runs) of all time at the South Asian Games, represents which country?
Answer – Nepal
Question 2 – According to the title of a recent book by Amish Tripathi, Ravana is the enemy of which place?
Answer – Aryavarta
Question 3 – Which of these word(s), in focus due to several campaigns by activists, has been declared the Oxford Word of the year 2019?
Answer –  Climate Emmergency
Question 4 – Which mythical animal features on the flags of both Bhutan and Wales?
Answer – Dragon
Question 5 – The recent international badminton tournament held at Lucknow from 26th November- 1st December is named after which sportsperson?

Answer – Syed Modi
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